3 Tips for Choosing a Good and Cheap Assembled Gaming PC

3 Tips for Choosing a Good and Cheap Assembled Gaming PC

3 Tips for Choosing a Good and Cheap Assembled Gaming PC, gaming is currently being targeted by many people. Since Esports tournaments are held by several parties, the need for PC gaming has started to increase quite high. However, to be able to buy a new PC gaming device, the cost is quite high.

3 Tips for Choosing a Good and Cheap Assembled Gaming PC
3 Tips for Choosing a Good and Cheap Assembled Gaming PC

However, you don’t need to worry because users with a limited budget can use a more efficient assembled gaming PC. For that, so that its performance can be equivalent to a new gaming PC, you need to pay attention to the following 3 Tips for Choosing a Good and Cheap Assembled Gaming PC.

1. Don’t get hung up on her appearance

Currently, the appearance of a gaming PC CPU has a form and variety that is quite pleasing to the eye. Especially if you really like an object from its physical appearance, then the appearance of today’s gaming PCs can make you tempted to have it. However, you need to know that an attractive appearance does not necessarily have the required specifications. Moreover, the average attractive PC design has an expensive price. To determine whether a gaming PC is good or not is in terms of its ability to run high-quality games.

2. Choose a new essential component

The advantage of assembled PCs is that we can choose which components must be new and which components can be purchased used or used. Some of the computer components that must be new are as follows.

It is very clear that the processor is part of the CPU that must be new. The speed and response of the computer is greatly influenced by the function of the processor used. Therefore, you can consider the current highest processor to be able to find out what processor is right for gaming.

Hard disk
The next part that must be new is the hard drive. The function of the hard disk is very important for storing computer data and also storing computer programs. You can choose whether you want to use the hard drive or use the SSD version. Weigh the pros and cons of SSDs so you know if an SSD is needed or not.

VGA card
The next part is the VGA card. It should be noted that on assembled computers, you should avoid the shared VGA type. Because, for a shared VGA type gaming PC, the quality is very bad. We recommend using a separate VGA card from the computer or using a special VGA card for PC gaming.

main board
Another important component is the motherboard. The function of the motherboard is to connect all computer components. The existence of the motherboard is certainly very important so that the quality must be the best. What you need to pay attention to about this motherboard is to make sure some of the motherboard slots are expandable. Technological developments continue to progress. Moreover, the development of computers including rapidly in recent years. Therefore, if you use a motherboard whose slots can be used for later components, you don’t need to buy a new motherboard again if there are recent changes.

Power supply
The power supply is the next component that must be considered. The function of the power supply is to provide electrical power to all computer components. Without a power supply, the computer will not turn on. However, we can’t just use the power supply, especially for PC Gaming. Because, the possibility of an electric short circuit can occur if we use the power supply randomly. You can try to find a good power supply reference for PC gaming in various trusted sources.

3. Use supporting devices as needed

We often hear or read about cloudy components that smell like gaming, such as gaming mice, gaming headsets, gaming keyboards, and so on. Actually for additional component parts you can use ordinary devices because whether or not the device is durable depends on how it is used. If you are a user who plays games almost every day, then you can use some of the best devices. However, if you use a gaming PC for certain days, then an ordinary device will suffice.

In addition, you also need to buy a CPU cooler such as a fan if you often use your gaming PC to play games or do other heavy work. Playing games or rendering videos requires a lot of power. therefore each component will increase in strength when we play the game. However, the increase in power makes the components heat up quickly. if you don’t use cooling devices such as air conditioners or fans, some components will quickly break down.

Those are 3 tips for choosing a quality and cheap gaming PC. From this article, we can see that to be able to buy a gaming PC, we don’t need to spend a lot of money. By only buying a few essential components, we can buy a new gaming PC at a certain price