Power bank is 20,000 mAh this year's finest

Power bank is 20,000 mAh this year’s finest

Power bank of 20,000 mAh this year is the best, if there are no power jars or resources to fill such devices as smartphones, use powerbank as a temporary backup storage solution.

Currently there are brands of power Banks in the market ranging from 5,000 ma to 10,000ma, which isa common choice for most people.

Power bank is 20,000 mAh this year’s finest However, for those who still feel that the “general” capacity is still lacking, there are many powerbanks with a capacity of 20,000.


Power bank is 20,000 mAh this year’s finest

1. Ravpower 20,000mah
Ravpower 20,000mah has affordable prices and provides two charging ports, one of which are usb-a and usb-c ports. Port usb-c supports the power delivery feature, which can power cell phones and other devices on extremely short notice.

Although the two ports were small, the charge rate was as high as 30w, making it possible to fill it with just three hours. Unfortunately, the charger head to power up the powerbank wasn’t in the purchasing package.

2. Essential powercore core
Anker owns up to 20,000 ammah power Banks, but one of the best is the powercore essential. In addition to usb-c ports for input and output, also furnished with usb-a ports for output. The delivery of power delivery also allows the powerdelivery of the powerbank to provide total output power to 18w.

For its own recharge, the powercore essential supports a recharge of 18w power, which can power up to 100% in less than 7 hours. Besides charging cell phones and tablets, the powerbanks can also be used to charge laptop batteries.

3. Aukey 20000mah bank
For those who want a bank of 20,000mah power with a large amount of port, it wouldn’t hurt to see aukey’s power bank. The powerbank has three usb-a ports to output, one usb micro drive to input, one usb-c port to input and output, and one lightning port to input.

4. Certified plus pro portable charger
Portable charging plus pro is a power bank with three port options and a supporting IC 3.0 quick charge. The first two were usb-a, and the other was a usb-c port with power transmission supports up to 45w.

In size, the size of a portable charger is comparable plus pro size to just one cellphone, so it’s portable. If the power of the cell phone is exhausted, users will simply charge power through usb-c ports, and the charge process will be rapid. However, this powerbank is the most expensive compared with most powerbanks on the list.