How To Choose The Best Android TV

How To Choose The Best Android TV

How To Choose The Best Android TV, the internet is getting faster and has an impact on the conversion of analog television lovers to digital TV formats and even TVs that have an operating system such as Android TV ( Android TV ). 

The number of brands, types and varieties on offer, of course, makes potential consumers confused in deciding which Android TV to buy.

Well, we did a little “research” by looking at and looking for what brands and types of Android TV are the best-selling in the online marketplace in Indonesia. So, we get the “title” Best Selling Android TV. This is not without reason, How To Choose The Best Android TV, one indicator of course is whether the TV is selling well or not. Then, from the many who were born, we filtered again based on several criteria.

How To Choose The Best Android TV
How To Choose The Best Android TV

How To Choose The Best Android TV from the Best?

Here are some important considerations from us to Android TV so that at the end of the article there will be a list of Android TVs that we have finalized. Among others are:

1. Price

Paying the right price for the right product is very important. There is a price, there is a form. When you pay more, you expect a product that lives up to your expectations. A TV with all the innovative features will always cost more than a standard TV. In this list, we have TVs in different price ranges and of course there are features that set them apart too.

2. Screen Resol ution: HD, 4K, or 8K

The next important thing to consider when buying an Android TV is the screen resolution. Resolution describes the number of pixels that make up the image quality. More pixels provide sharper images and finer detail, so higher resolution is always better.

3. Screen Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is usually expressed in Hertz (Hz) which describes the number of times per second an image is refreshed on the screen. The standard refresh rate is generally 60 times per second (60Hz), but in scenes where objects are moving fast, this refresh rate can make the image look blurry on the LCD. So, to provide better image quality, the refresh rate was increased to 120 Hz by the manufacturer. In this list, you will find Android TV with 120Hz which gives you better picture quality.

4. Sound

Another important thing to note is the Sound feature on Android TV. In fact, if you make the wrong choice, you may find an Android TV with a more expensive price but comes with poorer sound quality than its cheaper competitors. This is likely due to the slim/thin flat panel design factor, leaving no room for large speakers to produce maximum sound. Finally the buyer is faced with a situation: use headphones, buy a surround sound system, or buy a soundbar.

5. Screen Size

Screen size also plays an important role. You should always consider the number of people who will be watching it with you before buying it and estimate the area where this Android TV will be placed. Isn’t it funny if you buy a big one, it turns out that your room is not spacious enough for its placement?

6. Warranty

Most consumers prefer to buy an Android TV that has a fairly long warranty period. This warranty can help you save money in situations where the TV is not working optimally because of a manufacturing defect.